About Us

Connie Crystal started on the living room floor with 3 boxes of crystal, a spool of nylon wire, spontaneous creativity and the very first crystal suncatcher. Today we are more than just the largest supplier of premium crystal suncatchers in the world. We now offer an expanding line of beads, pendants and other crystal related products that rival the quality and prices of major brands in Europe. Our mission is to inspire more creativity now that affordable crystal is within reach. Join the family and explore why Connie Crystal is all the rave! 

Our Crystal

Not all crystal is created equal. Three things make crystal sparkle:

  • Lead oxide content
  • Cut/drill 
  • Clarity 

You will notice that a few of the elements that make diamonds sparkle will also make crystal sparkle as well.


30% PbO 

Our crystal contains one of the highest lead oxide (PbO) contents in the industry. Lead oxide is within the molecular structure of the crystal and is completely safe. We still do not recommend eating it. 


Laser Cut and Laser Drilled 

Every crystal is laser cut and laser drilled. This provides the optimal angle for light refraction and assures that there is no chipping or internal fracture that will distort clarity. 


The Definition of “Crystal Clear”

Clarity is also defined by the inclusions, murkiness of the crystal, and bubbles present. You will notice that you can clearly see through the crystal, there are no bubbles present and that no other inclusion exists.


What can you do with them? 

The possibilities are endless now that you can do more with crystal at an affordable price. Instead of sparingly adding crystal to your project you can now sparkle it up with many more! 

-Jewelry making


-Lighting Fixtures


-Event decorations


-Party favors

.....And so much more!


                                                                                                             “You can never have enough bling!”  


                                                                                                                                                  -Connie Tawfick